Kagiso Digital is proud of the work we do – at the forefront of online digital marketing in South Africa we are constantly looking at the future – new ways to reach our consumers, innovative ways to communicate with them and the best ROI for our clients. We specialise in the incubation of new and innovative digital opportunities as well as the maintenance of the group’sestablished digital brands. The team is comprised of young, driven and innovative team members who together have a vast array of experience in the digital arena. With a small team comes the ability to adapt to ever changing marketplace.We are passionate about our brands and excited about the space in which we do business. Our passion is evident in the level of service and the diversity of services we offer.

Kagiso Digital, a division within Kagiso Media, works on most of the Research & Development (R&D) of new digital business opportunities for the group. It is a lot like working for a development agency within a larger media group. We constantly work on supporting some of the country’s largest businesses in media (eg. msn.com , ranked as the 2nd largest online publisher, Skype, jacarandafm.com , ecr.co.za etc.) but we also incubate the development of new businesses and technologies. We currently have 7 R&D projects in the planning or development phases (outside of working with some of the largest media brands in the country). It’s an exciting space to be in!


Kagiso Digital creates innovative solutions that attract valued audiences by repurposing centralized competencies.